If you have an interest in photographing dogs and have a digital SLR camera and you are struggling to capture that perfect image of your dog or you wish to add dog photography to your current business portfolio then why not book a photography course with the UK's Leading Dog Photographer.
In 2006 Nick launched the first dog photography course in the UK, since then he has helped over 500 participants at all skill levels to improve their canine photography, recently he has taken the course to Norway and in 2012 this will expand to Sweden and Denmark. 
Each course is tailored to the individual photographers abilities and Nick will take you through the basics of setting up your camera and the techniques involved in capturing that special image. Nick is renowned for his action photography and he will pass on many unique tips that will help to ensure you not only improve your photographic skills but also have an enjoyable experience. Each course normally takes two hours and then we advise that the participant goes away and practices the techniques they have learnt and then if needs be they can book further one hour top up courses to cover specific areas. The minimum session is two hours and the cost is £120.

Comments from previous participants

  •  Just to re-iterate what I said in class - your style of teaching in terms of  patience, hands on experience, technical and creative balance and your sense of humour was second to none: TRACEY - DERBYSHIRE

  •  The photography session gave a good insight into photographing dogs. Your style of teaching was very much suited to my way of learning, I thoroughly enjoyed it: DAVID - NORFOLK

  •  I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, it's the most fun I have had in ages and taught me so much. I know I have some serious practising to do, it was much harder than then I ever thought it would be but I have been inspired by what I have learnt: JAYNE - BUCKINGHAMSHIRE

  •  What a fantastic course, I particularly enjoyed the section on dog behaviour and how it relates to photography, totally unique! I have been on another dog photography course and came away totally confused. Your style of teaching and the techniques you use are easy to follow and make total sense...I just need to practice, practice and practice some more! ANDY - SURREY




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