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Nick has been involved in the gundog world for over 30 years and as well as photographing gundogs working in the field he has been Gundog Editor for both the Sporting Shooter and Sporting Gun magazine and also regularly writes a gundog training blog for Harkila. He has trained a number of his own gundogs and works them throughout the shooting season either picking up, beating or shooting over them.

Nick can now offer 1-2-1 gundog training sessions held in a private woodland in Buckinghamshire. These sessions are based on "practical" experience to help handlers and their dogs to train their dogs ready for a life in the shooting field.

Nick has produced a series of training videos following the training of two of his own cocker spaniels "Ted" (Training With Ted) and "Percy" (Percy's Progress) These can be found on Nicks YouTube channel at 

For more details please contact Nick at

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