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Nick Ridley has been involved in photographing dogs for over 30 years and in 1998 he started what became the highest profile and most respected dog event photography businesses in the country.

During 2018 he took over 45,000 dog related images ranging from dogs working in their natural environment to dogs being shown at the world’s most prestigious dog show, Crufts. Nick worked as an Inspector for a well-known animal charity for 12 years prior to setting up his business and it his experience in that field that enables him to work with difficult and nervous animals and he regularly works for many of the UK’s leading animal charities. He always puts the care and welfare of any animal before the taking of any photograph.

Although known mainly for his dog photography Nick has also photographed cats, horses and various other small domestic animals for a number of commercial clients including pet food manufacturers and book publishers.


In 2010 Nick developed the first dog photography courses to be held in the UK and over the past five years he has taken these courses to Scandinavia and to various locations throughout the UK. Nick has written two books on photographing dogs and domestic pets, he has also published two coffee tables books “Labradors…At Work, Rest and Play” and “Spaniels” both of which have gone on to be international sellers. Nick is gundog editor for the Sporting Gun magazine and regularly writes for a number of other publications. Nick has undertaken commissions worldwide and has made numerous radio and television appearances.

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